Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Arctic Ice

Winter is about to set in although you wouldn't feel it in Toronto. With temperatures sitting at about 8 degrees, which I would call decidedly balmy, it is any wonder that this is happening?

And having watched Al Gore this week on Oprah, and still digesting Heat, although I'm only 47 pages in (it's so scary that I can't read it any faster), I'm all for making positive changes to save that damn ice. I bought one of our nephews a piece of the Arctic and our only niece a polar bear from WWF, and if everyone does that, buys just one socially responsible gift this holiday season, maybe we can save one small part of it.

It would be a shame for it all to disappear after so many lost their lives trying to map it, discover it and, well, explore it. But not just that, the total and complete repercussions of us melting all of the ice because we hate the bus and refuse to turn the heat down makes me think that there's never a more appropriate time to care for the earth than the holidays when everyone's feeling generous and imagining the best in other people.


Gallis said...

There are a lot of scientists who think our climate change is just a natural part of the weather fluctuations that the planet as a whole experiences. But assuming that is the case, I still see no compelling reason to do any unnecessary damage. Human nature being what it is though, I believe things will have to reach an absolute crisis point before society at large and corporations will be compelled to do anything meaningful.

Beth said...

I clicked on your links. And I am going to buy from WWF - stocking stuffers. I should have thought of this on my own. One of my kids helps out every year with their CNN climb. (The folks at WWF love him.)
See what a good thing you did with your post?

Anonymous said...

A great site (that has just published a companion book) is www.worldchanging.com - they both provide great stories and advice for making our way responsibly in the 21st century.

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