Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Page 123 Meme

Totally stealing this meme from Orange Blossom Goddess over at The Library Ladder, but here goes, the Page 123 Meme:

1. Grab the book closest to you.
2. Open to page 123, scroll down to the 5th sentence.
3. Post the text of next 3 sentences on your blog.
4. Name of the book and the author.
5. Tag 3 People.

Ragdoll's Participation:

#1. Done, pulled it out of my knapsack.
#2. Book is now cracked open on my lap.
#3. A couple of times he said, "The wife would kill me if she knew how much I paid for that."
#4. By the Time You Read This, Giles Blunt

And for the tagging, I'm totally not going to choose three people but any of you readers out there with a book in your back pocket, take it away!


Beth said...

I'm about to do it. I will do anything to avoid what actually needs doing around here.

Gallis said...


LOL at Beth's comment.

Anonymous said...

#1. Out
#2. Open
#3. Jesus. I wondered about Karen, Jessica, Marcus, my mom and dad.
4. The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier

Anonymous said...

1. Sitting on the desk beside me
2. There are only four lines, so I'll go with the fourth...
3. "Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect." Margaret Mitchell
4. The Aspiring Writer's Journal by Susie Morgenstern (a fun gift meant for adolescents that I bought for a writer friend so she can play)

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