Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Curse of St Valentine's Redux

So, we were robbed yesterday. Not metaphorically. Not symbolically. Not even jokingly.

Some criminal broke into our house and stole a bunch of our stuff. Namely, our ENTIRE desktop computer system including the modem, router, keyboard, speakers, monitor and hard drive. They ripped the cable out of the wall and took that too. As if that wasn't enough. All of my latest short stories and poems were on the computer; thankfully, I have copies of most of the stuff, but the last two books I was editing for the Classic Starts series—all the work I've done over the last two weeks— are just virtually gone. I have to start from scratch.

Then they went next door into my bedroom and took all of my rings that were in a small jewelry box my parents had given me for Christmas a year ago. In that box was a diamond and ruby ring of my grandmother's. Truly the only thing of my Nanny's that I had of hers; it meant the world to me and now it's just gone. It was in my family for sixty years. It was the first ring my grandfather had given her, even before her engagement ring. It was beautiful.

Also in the box was my mother's engagement ring and two wedding bands. Again, one of the few things I have to remember my mother and now it's gone too. Into the hands of some scumbag who doesn't care that these are two things that are of extreme sentimental value to me, that they are all of have left of two of the most important people in my life.

They also took my other grandmother's wedding rings. While costume jewelry to some extent, they're still gold and were given to me by my aunt for my wedding, in case I wanted to wear them.

Finally, they stole my claddagh ring. The very one I bought this summer in Ireland from the very place claddagh rings started. It was an original, official claddagh ring; one I can't get back because I'm not about to head to Galway any time soon.

They also stole my RRHB's brand new cell phone that he had been given after that really cool video shoot he did. And now, when I tried to call Bell and tell them, they won't even let me put a note on the account because it's in his name. They were awesome to deal with too—very friendly and so helpful. Um, NOT.

The police were at our house last night for close to three hours dusting for prints and taking down our report. I asked the one officer what the chances are of me getting my rings back and he said they weren't good. Their advice is to check the pawn shops around the city over the next few days because these skanks like to get rid of stuff quickly.

I feel violated and angry. I'm upset with myself because I should have been more careful with the precious things in my life. And I have no idea if the insurance company will even replace them because I have no record of them. My heart is broken and last night I was in hysterics.

We both slept fitfully. My RRHB has now secured the door and we've padlocked our garage to avoid further trouble. But there doesn't even seem to be any point. They've taken pretty much all we had that was worth anything. And left us with no chance of ever getting it back.

And the hardest part is thinking that my treasured things are in the hands of some jackass who is trying to get rid of them for some personal gain. What? His next fix? His bail? I don't know. And even though I know it's not charitable of me, I don't care. Usually, I'd think that if someone was that desperate, I should feel pity for them. But now I think where's karma when you need it? I've had a brutal year with the disease, getting fired, and all the other crap of trying to exist when I just don't feel well, and now I've lost two irreplaceable things that were given to me to remember two irreplaceable people in my life.

Like I said before, my heart is broken. I can't take much more.


Gallis said...

DUDE. This is just so awful. I think you've every right to feel angry and no, I don't care if it's some dumb ass junkie. I don't feel pity for them at all. It's just this philosophy of "you got it, I'll take it" and as my Mum said when I told her about this last night "It's just effing out of order." That's what's so terrible. Things are not the most important aspect of living, but the symbolic value of some of them is truly precious. And they are lost because of some a**shole who takes them and then forgets them. Well f*#k you you thieving selfish bastard. That's what I say. You've had a terrible, terrible year and I just don't know what to say. You know if there's anything you need, I got cha.

scarbie doll said...

Ditto - I also got your back. I know what it's like to be robbed, though not on such a grand scale. At the end of the day, no matter how meaningful your possessions were, they are just "things". You will eventually pass this phase of grieving for your belongings and for your memories, but the feeling of being violated is what will stay with you for a while. Stay strong. Don't let the crackies win. You still have so much love in your life, a job, a roof over your head, things your robbers seriously lack I'm sure.

Beaches said...

Oh. My. God. The St. Valentine's Day Curse. It's real. It's really real.

I don't know what to tell you to ease the horrible pain of losing those precious things, except that they are only things and once you're over the heartbreak you'll realize that you've got something much more precious inside your heart and your head. True memories, true love and genuine goodness.

Things that the fucker who stole your shit clearly doesn't and will never really know.

I'm so sorry sweet girl. Why is life so unbelievably unfair?

sam lamb said...

I'm speechless. Some people just suck and I really wish you didn't have to be touched by any of them. You're too wonderful, too full of hope, too delicate. You simply do not deserve this - and all the other messy stuff - that has hit you this year.

Anything, anytime - I'm here.

Deanna McFadden said...

Thank you my friends. In simple terms: I heart you all. I'm still so upset but I know I'll stop crying at some point...

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT believe that this happened a year ago!!!

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