Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Time Is A Wastin'

At school on Monday night, someone had written something and I immediately had assumed it was based on a pop tart (like Britney but much younger). Now why would I immediately make the assumption that some smart woman in my class was writing about an American teenager whose famous for having one name, an attitude and not much else?

Hummm. Perhaps because I've been watching way, way, way too much television these past few weeks. In fact, I'm pretty sure I had a television hangover on Sunday night, after spending three days at home, feeling super-sick by myself watching movie after movie after movie.

My brain hurts.

I've even been too tired to read. So not only is the stupid disease ruining my life, or rather, ensuring that I have no life, it's limiting the things that I really love to do too.

Say it with me: stupid Wegener's.

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