Thursday, October 05, 2006

Love In The Grocery Aisle

So, I totally just finished up with my very inspiring writer's group, and stopped into the grocery store for (I am not going to lie) some rice chips. I am always fascinated by other people's groceries: what's in the cart, on the list, how it figures into their lives. The fellow in front of me had an awesome selection, yams, broccoli, spinach, lactose-free ice cream.

And he was as delicious as his items, the perfect chicklit hero, tall, almost-Matthew-Fox, with short dark hair and these sweet freckles. Just seeing him made me want to write a story about an unlucky in love heroine who sees the perfect man in the grocery store (sans list, therefore single, of course) and lives happily ever after.

See, writer's group totally rocks.


Anonymous said...

Next time you see such a beast can you give him my phone number? ;)

Anonymous said...

:( I never see cute guys in grocery stores.. except those that have a girlfriend in tow.

Beaches said...

Um, so feel you, I always check out the cart. It's so insightful. I like to think things like, if that chick can get away with Oreos AND Hagan Das, I'm getting the fat-free Fudgesicles, damn it.

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