Friday, October 27, 2006

The Pull Of The Girlie Movie And Other Random Links

1. As discussed by Tara, as relating to Kirsten Dunst, on Fametracker. I giggled so loudly at work yesterday that one of my coworkers said, "Are you okay?" I have one thing and one thing only to say: "Cuba!"

2. Even though it's not stated explicitly, but it was me who actually sent this package to George at Bookninja, and this post makes me feel good. I know, I'm not supposed to blog about work but how often do you get a shout out on Bookninja?

3. So Misguided also links to Heat, which I'm reading right now too. And she even adds to the awesomeness of the post by linking off to the WWF's current Living Planet report. I heart this blog very much.


Anonymous said...

giggle - well when I read that on Bookninja I knew it was you. ;) Who else could it be. BTW - Ami McKay mentioned you on Friday. She wanted to make sure I knew about you. :) So you got a shout out from an author too.

Michelle said...

Hi Deanna! What a spectacular idea to include the lighbulbs. I'm glad to have discovered your blog. We met at Word on the Street, you may recall.

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