Monday, July 16, 2007

#47 - What The Dead Know

Before picking this book as one of our Facebook The Reading Group titles this month, I had seen Kate's capsule review of Laura Lippman's What the Dead Know and immediately put it on my TBR pile.

Let me say it this way: I could not put this book down.

Here are all the things that I did not do because I was engrossed in the story of two sisters who disappear one sunny pre-Easter afternoon from a mall in Baltimore (yes, where The Wire is set, fab):

1. Entertain my nephew. I rocked him so he'd go to sleep and then let him sleep on me for almost a half hour after he sort of semi-woke up so that I could keep reading. I didn't put the book down until he made it absolutely clear he was having no more of it.

2. Swim in the lake. It was one of the few beautiful days and I put off going swimming although it was a million degrees out because I was obsessed with finding out if the woman who has an accident and leaves the scene of the crime actually was one of the missing Bethany sisters.

3. Eat. Seriously, I skipped lunch and was absolutely starving until I had finished.

4. Talk. Really, I cloistered myself in my grandmother's cottage while my cousins and all the rest of my wonderful family were doing all kinds of fun outdoorsy-type stuff.

5. Finish the seventeen other books I had started. All of my other reading, including two or three books that were half-done took a back seat until I had read the very last word.

And I'm telling you, it's a hell of a good last few words. Do you need any more then that? I don't think so.

PHOTO IN CONTEXT: The very chair where I sat for four hours on Tuesday reading this deliciously addictive little novel.


Melwyk said...

Hmmm. Now I really have to put this on the top of the stack.
I hope in your marathon you didn't suffer the familial, sighing eye-rolls or drumming fingers that I have experienced a few times!

Deanna McFadden said...

I didn't! Because my RRHB had gone back to the city -- all I had to contend with was my nephew wondering why I kept trying to make him to go sleep!

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