Saturday, December 29, 2007

Have Cold Will Photoblog Instead

The stupid cold hangs on for dear life, which makes me think that perhaps it's not a passing fancy kind of illness, but something with legs, and I am not prepared for that in the least.
It was snowing the other day just the kind of flakes that I love: big, awkward, sticky, and melting before they even hit the ground.
I tried to take a picture but the camera doesn't quite catch them in the right way. Regardless, they made me happy, in that way seeing snow from inside can make you happy, if only for a moment before you turn on the TV to realize the writers' strike is still going strong and your Faux-Vo is almost empty and the only Ethan Hawke going is Snow Falling on Cedars.
Ah, the week Between Christmas and New Year continues.


Gallis said...

So that's why I've been deprived of Friday Night Lights and Ghost Whisperer!

Didn't even dawn on me. Duh.....

Francesca Thomas said...

The colds have been attacking my family as well. First hubby - he's just finished his third round of antibiotics. (respioratory illness in the lungs) Then me, I've just finished my antibiotics (yes my lungs did get infected), and now my 5 year old is on his second cold with antibiotics because he spiked as temperature of 39 degrees last week.

ghost whisperer not on - writers strike I think.

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