Monday, December 31, 2007

First Lines Meme

I am absolutely loving many things about my new computer, not the first of which is being able to blog while watching television. Lame, I know, but when you've got a cold and have Faux-voed old episodes of Alias to combat the writer's strike, anything's entertainment. So, I've been making the rounds of the many blogs I haven't been able to keep up with over the last few weeks because things were so crazy between work and life. Quite a few of my blog friends have done the first lines meme, and so I thought, in the spirit of developing my own set of new year's revolutions, it might be a good place to start.
January 2007: It's oddly fitting that this book straddled by 2006-2007 reading; it's possibly the best book I've read in ages. (About Kevin Patterson's Consumption.)

February 2007: Last night, despite feeling desperately under the weather, I headed out in the cold to my first Sweater class at Knitomatic.

March 2007: 1. There is a lot of snow outside.

April 2007: I'm glad to be back from conference—it was a long week.

May 2007: There's nothing like sunshine...and a royalty cheque to brighten up your day.

June 2007: Well, Michiko Kakutani apparently vehemently disliked On Chesil Beach, calling it "a smarmy portrait of two incomprehensible and unlikable people" (link via Baby Got Books).

July 2007: Massey Hall in Toronto was the last stop on Wilco's Eastern Seaboard tour (dunno if that was the 'name' of the tour considering how totally un-rock sexy it is).

August 2007: I've been at a work conference since Sunday, and haven't been home a single night this week to really blog, so here's a quick catch-up...

September 2007
: Just a quickie post to say that I am utterly engrossed by Mad Men.

October 2007
: When I rode my bike into work this morning, still happy that even though it's October, the weather doesn't necessitate a heavy wool "biking" (translation old and crappy) sweater just yet, it was so foggy that it reminded me of Dublin.

November 2007
: Before reading any further, let me remind everyone about Kate Sutherland's marvelous All in Together Girls, it's a book of literary, some linked, some not, short stories that mainly take place in Saskatchewan.

December 2007
: I emerged from the boardroom momentarily to get a cup of tea yesterday.
We've been in sales conference since Sunday.

Oddly, three entries concern sales conference, which isn't all that strange considering they're always at the end of one month and bleed into the beginning of another. A few books, one knitting class, an obsession with Mad Men, some biking, and some complaining. Sure seems like my life.

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