Monday, December 24, 2007

Reading Resolutions

Now that I've got a glorious 11 days off and absolutely no freelance to do, I can actually start thinking about what kind of reading resolutions to tackle for 2008. I read 32 of my Around the World in 52 Books, and would have made it through more if my work reading hadn't filled up so much of my spare time. I added 13 more titles to the 1001 Books challenge, which brings me up to 145, which means I'm slowly but surely getting to my goal of maybe reading half the list in my lifetime.

I think I will surely update my Around the World in 52 Books for 2008, include an across Canada challenge, make a list of the 1001 books I'd like to tackle, and try to finish some of the great big books, like War and Peace, which I started yesterday -- 4 chapters down, hundreds more to go. Goodness, I really don't like long books.

So, lots more to come as I compile my lists over the next few days.

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