Monday, September 10, 2007

#59 - Little Men

For those of you who know my extra-curricular freelance activities, you can probably guess why I was reading Louisa May Alcott's sequel to Little Women, Little Men. Not one of her go-to classics (apparently, those are the aforementioned original and Jo's Boys), I still enjoyed it, and remember reading the novel years and years and years ago during my Louisa May Alcott period spanning an entire summer when I was 11 or 12.

The adventures of a grown Jo as she navigates motherhood and a school she and "Father Bhaer" have set up in Aunt March's old estate, Little Men roams around the adventures of the rag-tag bunch of students they take in over the course of the novel. While I sometimes found the "messages" of Alcott's fiction dated, I still truly enjoyed the journey each of the children take during their unusual residency at Plumfield.

And it's hard not to have just a little crush on the imaginary Dan, even if you've made the mistake of trying to watch the abysmal movie version starring Mariel Hemingway and Chris Sarandon. Seriously. It's awful.

I will say one thing, however, I bought an omnibus that included all three books, and after finishing my work with Little Men, I sort of said to myself, "Am I really done?" I almost started working away on Jo's Boys just so I could remember what happens to Demi, Nat, Dan and the lads. Who knows, maybe I'll create another reading challenge for myself called 'books I wished I'd abridged' and put it at the top!

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Beth said...

I read every one of those books - loved them all. Your mention of Dan brought back memories...

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