Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mad Men

Just a quickie post to say that I am utterly engrossed by Mad Men. I love the attention to detail, the wonderful period costumes and situations, the brilliant dialogue, and the bloody fascinating 'ad men'. It's not reaching Flight of the Conchords-levels in terms of the actual obsession, but it's a good, solid drama to take up the place of the bloody awful Grey's Anatomy that I have now permanently broken up with and will not reunite with this fall under any circumstances.

I am going to desperately try to limit the amount of television I watch this TV season. I found watching more movies (even older ones, shocking, I know for those of you who know me, non-virtually) and picking up more books this summer because we've been away from the television has actually been a really positive thing in my life.

It's a battle I have constantly, the TV-no TV argument, and I can see both sides, but then I sit down and get sucked into a world like the one they've created in Mad Men and think, wow, this is a hundred times better than a) that terrible Halle Berry film that the RRHB downloaded for me that I watched on Sunday in a computer coma and b) more engaging than half the films we watched this weekend, yes Fracture, I'm looking at you—while trying to ignore the obvious heat resonating from Ryan Gosling.

And Ethan, yum. And Ethan, ohhh.


Ellie said...

I adore Mad Men too. The ending of the "Babylon" episode was just breathtaking.

Unknown said...

Thank you. I'm hooked now. I thought the first two episodes went a little too far in conspicuously pointing out those things that we in the 21st century would find shocking.

But the writers stopped doing that, so now my criticism is dead.

Bah. How will I curb my television enthusiasm when people like you keep pointing out shows like this?

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