Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Off To NYC

So I'm off to NYC tomorrow afternoon until Sunday evening, but I'm bringing my computer and camera with me, so maybe I'll be able to write a post or two while I'm there...

But, of course, I caught a dreaded cold from my nephew, who sneezed in the most adorable way up at the cottage this past weekend, and I am now quite sick. My chest feels like it has a dozen bricks on top of it and my throat is both sore and scratchy.


It will not, however, stop me from shopping, walking, eating, and then shopping some more on Saturday and Sunday with Sam. Two girls in the Big Apple, we'll be unstoppable. Or not.


Francesca Thomas said...

Luvky you. I hope you don't have any hassles crossing the border. I've heard a lot of horror stories.

I realise the loonie is more or less the same worth as the greenback, but don't spend too much, ok?


Deanna McFadden said...

It's funny, we had an author in the office yesterday, and she was telling her own horror story about getting back into Canada -- papers and everything. The US wasn't going to let her OUT. Insane.

One day, I'll spill all my stories about when I worked at the US Consulate.

Anonymous said...

Grrr...I'm jealous!!

Have a fab time. Spend lots!

Melwyk said...

Have fun! I loved NY for the whole three days I was there, once. :)

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