Monday, September 17, 2007

The Long Tail In Reverse

Another in a long line of WTF-type emails from's "if you like this then you'd surely like this...":

I ordered a copy of All in Together Girls, a book of short stories, by Kate Sutherland -- as I haven't read it yet, if anyone can illuminate me how exactly it relates to a second-rate movie novelization of a sports film I will never see, I'm all ears.



We've noticed that customers who have purchased or rated All In Together Girls by Kate Sutherland have also purchased Facing The Giants : Movie Novelization by Various Contributors. For this reason, you might like to know that Facing The Giants : Movie Novelization is now available. You can order yours at a savings of 27% by following the link below.

Facing The Giants : Movie Novelization Facing The Giants : Movie Novelization
Various Contributors
List Price:CDN$ 17.99
Price: CDN$ 13.13
You Save: CDN$ 4.86 (27%)

Book Description

Never Give Up. Never Back Down. Never Lose Faith.

After six consecutive losing seasons, high school football coach Grant Taylor believes things can't get any worse. He's wrong. With fear and failure defeating him in football and in life, the downtrodden coach and husband turns to God in desperation. Trusting that God can somehow do the impossible, Coach Taylor and his Shiloh Christian Eagles soon discover how faith plays out on the field.


Anonymous said...

I hate those damn emails... LOL. Everytime I get one I am left thinking... WTF does this have to do with what I have ordered in the past...

Kailana said...

See, I imagine that is fault because I cannot get my quality Canadian short story collection without getting a sports book to off-set it!

In other words, NOT! I have read this collection and I do not even think that there is a sport mentioned in the book, let alone relating to football. I can't knock football-related movies, though, Remember the Titans was a really good movie!

Gallis said...


Then again, if I thought about this long enough, I'd surely come up with a correlation! LOL!

Yeah, thought you'd appreciate that one Ragdoll as you know me SO WELL.

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