Thursday, April 06, 2006

And Later On That Month...

No exact date, Queen's University, 1991.

Sometimes I feel relieved. Free here from stress. Free from the burdens of my intrinsic life [what exactly does that mean?]. Emotions really take you for a ride [um, yeah, cliche much?]. Maybe it's better not to get involved. "I laughed." Everyone always says that when they are despondent. Plato hated the body for this very reason [good to know I've got such a solid handle on Plato, wha?]. It's constantly betraying the soul. Laughs at our emotions because they always seem to get the best of us. They laugh, cry, scream, and hurt more than physical pain can ever imagine.


And thus ends Ragdoll's slightly-post teenage take on the power of emotions within the body and its inevitably duality. Do you think I missed my calling as a philosopher? This stuff is cracking me up.

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