Friday, April 07, 2006

The Prednisone Strikes Again

So it seems that every time I see a doctor these days, it results in more tests and more appointments. It's the health challenge that's for sure. Yesterday, I saw the eye doctor, which completes my round of health-related visits for now, and knocks #16 off the list. I've still got to see the osteopath, but that's only because he didn't have any appointments for the time I had off.

Annnywaaay, apparently, the prednisone is causing me to have abnormal eye pressure. In short, it was normal the last time I saw the eye doctor and totally abnormal now, which means I've got to go get a visual field test done. Then, I need to see the eye doctor again in three months to be sure that once they've weaned me off the prednisone that my eye pressure returns to normal. Or else? Well, I could end up having some sort of permanent optic nerve damage. Fun wow!

I also got my prescription for health from the naturopath yesterday. It's a lot of supplements for the next three months, which I hate because I'm sick, sick, sick to death of taking pills. I've also got an immune stabilizing tincture to take and a homeopathic remedy that I do once a week for six weeks. It's pretty crazy, actually.

So I'm ready for work on Monday (really?), I'll have new glasses (if I can get them tomorrow), a new haircut, some new clothes, lots of good remedies for rest and stuff, and a whole health plan to finally kick the ass of the disease instead of the other way around.

In the end, I'm thankful for the time off, so I guess it was good that my blood went missing, but I'm even happier that I'm feeling better because it simply couldn't have gone on like that forever.

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