Sunday, April 09, 2006


And no, not the rockin' it awesome Turk-dancing, lip-synching kind...the I'm so dumb I can't believe I did that kind.

So, the cat sh*t in the tub. This is something she does often. She and my RRHB's cat don't get along. It's a fact of our life together. I needed to clean up said sh*t and dumped in what I thought was tub cleaner—it wasn't, it was toilet bowl cleaner. Clearly noticing I made a mistake, I quickly dumped the real tub cleaner into the tub. Now that was an even bigger mistake. Apparently, I mixed bleach and ammonia, which according to my RRHB, who I called bawling because I couldn't breathe, I made a homemade form of mustard gas.

What's wrong with me? Oh, I know, I'm a complete and utter knucklehead.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my God! I hope you're all right. Yes, that's a very dangerous mixture. It was used during WWI as a chemical weapon (and also during WWII, I think).

I read somewhere that white vinegar kills 99% of the germs that bleach does, and it's a million times safer, so I use vinegar whenever possible instead of bleach. -- Deborah