Friday, April 21, 2006

Band Widow Weekend

With my RRHB safely off to his show in K-town, I am blissfully entrenched in my band widow weekend mode already, and it's only 5:56 PM on Friday night. Oh, I'm not ashamed to say I'm already in my PJs, am halfway through the latest Marian Keyes novel, and will be watching the 9 PM airing of The Interpreter on TMN. I might even throw in a couple episodes of my new favourite show, Pepper Dennis, that are fabulously waiting for me on the Faux-Vo.

Then, it's all brunches, Banff stories and Friends with Money, with a quick trip to the osteopath planned for tomorrow afternoon. I've already run all the errands (groceries, cat food, office supplies) and, with the exception of the house cleaning, which I will do at my leisure, I've got nothing but free time staring me in the face.

The short, weekender trips are much easier to take than the long-ass three week stints in terms of being a band widow. It kind of makes you appreciate free time and hanging out with yourself. Even if that self is exhausted, puffy from medication and terribly chubby at the moment.

Ahhh, bliss...

And if you live in Kingston, go see my RRHB play tonight. You'll have a good time. I promise.

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indigo herself said...

thinking of you, soon i will be just a stone's throw away! just need to get thru this next crunch. miss u.