Monday, April 03, 2006

I Saw The Signs

Yesterday was a crackerjack day in the city. I'm guessing the spring forward time shift might have affected people in a strange way, including myself. Having been totally exhausted from the film shoot on Saturday, I got up kind of off kilter, far too early (5 AM, cat wanted out), and then switched the clocks. Then I got ready to go see my Movie of the Day (#6), Thank You For Smoking, with some friends.

As I get on to the streetcar, some half-cracked woman was there wearing way too much makeup and oddly mismatched clothing was ahead of me. She refused to move inside the car and stood there beside the driver. I had to slide around her to drop my ticket in, only I'm carrying a book and a knapsack, so of course, I drop the book and one of the zipper-thingys on my pocket breaks so I'm all discombobulated.

I hear the driver say, "Miss, you need an extra ten cents," but I don't assume he's talking to me because there's a crazy lady standing right there. But then the crazy lady says, "You need to put in ten cents." Even she gets it. I don't. They changed the fares and I need an extra ten cents with my ticket. Ohhhhh. Okay.

Then, as I exit at Museum station, I hear a super loud crash just to my left and see two people get into a car accident. They both stepped out of their respective cars so thankfully they were all right but holy crap the woman was mad. She started screaming and yelling and all kinds of stuff. Traffic stopped on Avenue Road, obviously. And since I didn't see anything, just heard the loud crack, I didn't stick around. I felt guilty for about a nanosecond. Why is that?

Movie A Day mini-review: Thank You For Smoking is okay. It's a smartish-satire with a great performance by Aaron Eckhart. Katie Holmes sucks, but thankfully she's not in it that much; and I'm tired of her in these "she's the hot one" roles because, frankly she's just not, she's droopy. Overall, I liked it, but thought that it didn't deserve the applause at the end.

And some people in our audience enjoyed it a lot, you know those guys that scream, "Look at his face!" as if we all couldn't see it stories and stories in front of us at that very moment. Okay, I know booming grannies are older and deserve our respect, but come on, when you arrive ten minutes late to the movie (after the previews), then take another ten minutes to figure out where you'd like to sit, all the while having a conversation at full volume, decide to sit in the middle of an already seated row and then continue to chatter away as if you're having coffee at the King Eddy, you deserve to be harshly shushed. Please. We respect you, we do, we just don't want to hear from you—in the middle of the movie...

Annnywaaay. So, then I went off on my quest to find a pair of Livs boots, because they're crocheted (how cute is that?). I went to four or five different stores with no luck. They're all gone. Upon my travels I walked by Yonge and Bloor and saw that it was all corded off with police tape because someone lit themselves on fire in a Tim Horton's. At first they thought it was a terrorist attack, but now they suspect he either wanted to commit suicide or simply torch Tim's.

So to sum up, one embarrassing moment on the TTC, one fender bender (luckily no one was hurt) and one tragedy where a man felt that it was better to light himself on fire than finish that cup of coffee. Talk about a manic Sunday.

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