Sunday, April 23, 2006

Earth Day Revolutions

Yesterday, being Earth Day, I sat down and wrote out some revolutions that I was going to try to stick to. And it shocked me, as I walked around shopping on Saturday afternoon, when I told people that I didn't want a plastic bag for my $11.00 t-shirt because it was Earth Day, that no one a) really cared or b) even noticed.

Here's a sample of the conversation I had buying said $11.00 t-shirt:

Ragdoll: "I don't need a bag, just a bit of tissue paper."

Idiotic Store Clerk: "That's good!" [Insert horsey giggle here] "We don't have very many!"

Ragdoll: "It's Earth Day, so I'm trying not to collect any plastic bags."

IDC: "It's your birthday! That's nice."

Ragdoll: "No, it's Earth Day."

IDC: "Congratulations! This t-shirt's a real bargain..."

Honestly. That was my conversation.

Next up I went to the super-expensive department store and bought some super-expensive, yet all natural perfume (thanks for the tip Indigo), which won't make me sicker and will still leave me feeling pretty. Again, I had a funny conversation about Earth Day as the lovely and charming clerk deposited my gorgeous bottle in a lovely box with tissue paper and ribbon. I didn't take a bag though, which was something anyway.

My revolutions mainly consist of little things I can do, turning the heat down or off, using the halogen light bulbs, cutting down on what I consume and how I consume it, taking public transit when I'm not working out of the city (which I do all the time) and walking more.

The idea of Earth Day, however, didn't stop me from shopping, which I am slowly becoming more and more afraid I might be addicted to. Sigh. Not the idea mind you, the actual shopping. It'll be good when my RRHB stops touring because once he's home I know I won't have two days on my own to wander around downtown after brunch looking longingly at shoes I'm trying to rationalize spending $400.00 on.


indigo herself said...

ooooohhhh! what scent caught your fancy?

Deanna McFadden said...

Jo Malone 154 -- simple, understated, not fruity, kind of earthy. I heart Jo Malone. I've been wearing it for two days and no headache! Thanks for the tip!

Deanna McFadden said...

Oh! And I got some samples too -- also a good suggestion...