Tuesday, April 11, 2006

For Shame

Shame on you Rona Ambrose, our 'so-called' Environment Minister. Isn't it your job to make our responsibilities to the Kyoto Accord targets happen (link via Grist)? Isn't that what our good tax dollars are paying you to do? Certainly not paying you to pass the buck and/or make pathetic excuses about needing more time. The whole point is that we have no time.

Here's an idea. Use the big old brain you've got and think about some solutions. I mean, it can't be that hard—Oprah had a whole show about it, and she's only one woman. Get people to change their light bulbs. Get them to read the new Vanity Fair issue that's on stands now. Subsidize Bullfrog so it's more affordable for everyday people. Tax the sh*t out of SUVs. Just do something instead of sticking your finger up your ass and saying, "it can't be done."

Now there's a message we want to be sending to our kids.

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