Thursday, April 27, 2006

The End Of A Fast-Talking Era

My recent thoughts about the decline of Gilmore Girls aside (and anyone who knows me knows how much I heart that show), I read this article and my heart broke just a little bit. I can't even imagine what the show is going to be like with someone other that ASP at the head or where it'll go in its final seasons. Gasp! What will the Faux-vo do without its Tuesday night schedule imprinted on its little grey brain?


crabbykate said...

oh me too! I really think that the debut of the new CW network is going to screw the GG anyway. I bet it falls into bad territory next year. Sigh.

patricia said...

I used to really hate that show (that snappy dialogue really got on my nerves); but I confess that in the past year I have become addicted to the reruns. And now that I've finally started watching the present-day shows, I see what you mean about the quality of the show declining. It seems to have lost it's magic.

And as much as I do enjoy the reruns, I gotta say this... Alexis Bledel, as beautiful as she is, CAN'T ACT!!!