Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Muddled And Awake

So very many things can happen in a week. And then life interferes with posting. But as I tried to sleep for an hour but couldn't, I decided to get up and troll the internet. I've landed here after much procrastinating, having always promised myself that I wouldn't blog tired. What are promises if not to be broken?

So, what exactly happened in a week? Well, we went to go see There Will Be Blood, which is very good, and I think Daniel Day-Lewis will win the Oscar.

I saw the Super Fancy Disease Doctor today and he proclaimed (for the most part) the disease in remission. Cause for celebration, absolutely. But not 100% out of the woods. I was explaining to the Super Not-So Fancy Just Yet Intern that I am so tired these days I can barely make it up a flight of stairs. At first I thought maybe I was anemic but my bloodwork is bloody brilliant. Pun absolutely intended. So they're stumped. Could be the disease, could be adjusting to lower meds, could be just the ills of every day life. All that means is more tests: chest x-ray, more bloodwork, 24-hour pee test (gack), and maybe chest CT if they see anything. Awesome.

Or not.

But maybe I'm just tired of the disease in general and it's bumming me out. Years and years of meds have absolutely worn me down to the quick.

I'm in the middle of The Outlander for my Canada challenge. More on that later.

We leave for Mexico in two days. I'm already packed. This says nothing about my organizational skills but everything about how much I love to pack. Seriously. I love to pack. LOVE. TO. PACK.

Two burly fellows came today and installed brand new windows. Four of them, including one that will eventually live above my sink in the kitchen. Every woman needs a window above a sink. I can't remember where that comes from. If someone remembers, please remind me.

Writing class was utterly painful yesterday. So much so that I have taken a severe beating. If black and blue weren't such a tired metaphor, I'd use it.


metro mama said...

Congrats on the remission. I hope the tests turn something up.

I too love packing, and planning--all the stuff leading up the vacation.

Have a wonderful trip!

Kerry said...

Please keep us posted if you figure out the window above the sink thing. I can't remember either, but I will as soon as someone else tells me. I am so pleased about your good medical news, and I hope the weird stuff sorts itself out. And then there's vacation! Enjoy it! xo

Francesca Thomas said...

I hope you find out whats making you tired. My husband is also tired all the time as well. It started in October when the weather turned cold. He thinks its related to winter, but this is the first time it's been so bad that he has no energy to do anything. I hope you feel better in Mexico. I hope the warm weather helps you to not be so tired. How long will you be away?

Melwyk said...

Sounds like you need a holiday! Maybe Mexico - sun and warmth - will enliven you a bit. Have fun!

John Mutford said...

Glad to hear it's in remission. Have fun in Mexico.

I can understand the love of packing for a vacation. For a move, not so much.

Beth said...

Wonderful news about the remission. Perhaps the vacation in Mexico will ease the fatigue?

And, yeah, I love my window above the sink...

Deanna McFadden said...

That's what's we're hoping, a good rest and we'll come back with all kinds of excitable energy.

Historia: We're going for a week!

John: I do have to admit that I kind of like packing for a move too. :)

sam lamb said...

(It's from The Gathering - when she's talking about her grandmother Ada. And thank you for getting me to read that one too!) A window above your sink is going to be one of those little pleasures that will make all the renovations worth it!

Have a wonderful vacation and I can't wait to hear about it.

Sincerity said...

Hey there! I wish you a safe and happy vacation in Mexico! And I'm happy for hearing that your illness is in remission.

Having a positive attitude and folks who support you are the absolute best!

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