Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday Morning Distractions

Procrastination in the form of avoiding reading internet celebrity gossip has since discovered these things:

1. Ray Charles sings "(Night Time Is) The Right Time". A song I heard in the diner yesterday during brunch with Sam and Sadie and couldn't remember where I had heard it recently. If by "recently" my brain means two years ago when we watched the movie Ray. I have since downloaded the song from iTunes, another glorious diversion, along with Ruth Brown's wicked "Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean."

2. Impressive coverage with impressively impressive magazines about fifth and final season of The Wire. A Hot Document from Slate. A Hot Read on entitled "The Angriest Man in Television." The most annoying writer in the history of television criticism weighs in and says nothing.

3. The VON sent nurses to the Yukon to help the miners. Faith Fenton accompanied them and wrote articles for the Globe. Further clicking reveals a book published by my own company.

4. Next week's episode of Friday Night Lights looks so good.

5. Dave Grohl cracks me up. And when Britney Spears shows on up, that means it's news, right, and not gossip? But, seriously, shut up Dr. Phil, I can barely believe you're remotely interested in her mental health, and I can foresee a "ripped from the headlines" episode of Law and Order in the works the minute people wake up and start paying the writers. Sigh.

It sucks me back in every time.

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