Saturday, January 05, 2008

TRH Ramblings Version '08

I might have mentioned that I'm a band widow this week as my RRHB is up north recording. It's been a productive time. Managing to keep to my page-a-day challenge, and being in the middle of approximately 5 books, many of which I intend to finish before he gets back, it's nice to have some alone time, even if I do get a bit lonely. And I also haven't been sleeping all that well, and only managed about four hours last night -- even so, I'm surprisingly not cranky. Instead, I woke up ready to write a list about all of the things I am thankful for on this gray, rainy Saturday morning:

1. Last night's episode of Friday Night Lights. I watched it in real time after I put my nephew to bed (I was babysitting), which only reminded me how much I hate commercials. There were so many reasons to like what was happening: the way Lyla reacted to her mother's engagement, Tim's experience with being the boy who cried wolf too many times, how he flourished in a sense in a family environment, and how it was Coach that made the mistake. But what I liked most of all is the fact that the show doesn't turn to stunts to drive up the ratings and melodrama, like, ahem, others. While there was a tornado in town, it didn't become the centrepiece of a ridiculous rescue mission. Instead, it was a source of conflict when Laribee was forced to bunk in with Dillon for football practice. But more so, it was the everyday tragedies that followed that really drove the story forward. I was up for the good portion of last night thinking about the idea of everyday tragedy. Damn you FNL (but in a good way).

2. Hearing a song that you weren't expecting and having that make you dance around your writing room singing "You're my wonderwall." And then putting it on repeat. And maybe repeating it again, oh and listening to Neko Case in the car on the way home from brunch.

3. The power of imagination and text messaging to keep you company when you're so tired you can barely think.

4. Going to the movies in the afternoon. With gift certificates.

5. Brunch. This blog. And Q-tip. In that order.

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Kerry said...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of a movie in the afternoon with gift certificates-- what a treat I know.

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