Monday, May 22, 2006

The Danger Of Pandora

I've been on a kick lately to listen to more music outside of my usual influences (which count as my RRHB, really, and maybe a bit of Scarbie and KPL, when I used to work at the Evil Empire). I had some great suggestions from a friend in Ireland (holla!) and now, of course, my RRHB discovered Pandora a few months back, which means I've been forced to listen and am now converted to the damn site as well.

It's totally dangerous. Why? A) because it's freaky in how it delivers stuff that you actually like and without commercials or really annoying radio hosts and b) it clicks you right over to iTunes, which results in a hyper-expensive bill for all the new songs I'm downloading. Today, it's A Tribe Called Quest radio. I've only downloaded one song so far ("Good Music" by The Roots), but I've also only had Pandora on for about ten minutes. Check in later and I'll be broke, I'm sure of it.

Oh, and 'fess up if you use 90210 as your zip code because it's for US residents only? I'll bet it's not just me...

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crabbykate said...

Oh, I am so ALL OVER Pandora. I started using it a few months ago and am definitely an addict. I even enjoy yelling back at the computer when it starts playing The Eagles because I was dying to hear "The Only Living Boy In New York" by S&G one day. Do you know how many bad 70s bands get suggested now? Wayyyyyy too many.

And, you'll be happy to know, it handed me The Fembots one day unprompted by me.