Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Needle - Week Three

This morning before I went off to work, I gave myself the needle. Perhaps not the smartest thing to do on an empty stomach, but because I'm sticking it right into my skin, what does it matter?

Here are the side effects I'm noticing, note this is two weeks before any of the "real" side effects are scheduled to happen (because the meds take that long to work in your system):

1. The needle makes me super hot, like I'm running a fever; I'm all flushed and roasting. All day at work I kept saying, "Feel my forehead! Feel how hot I am!" People were shocked. They were amazed. Or not. When I told my RRHB that the needle makes me hot, he said, and I quote, "Like horny?" Heh.

2. My belly burns. It burns! I say it burns! And then gets all itchy, which I'm assuming isn't so strange because I'm jabbing it with a pin prick-sharp needle full of methotrexate.

3. Even though the nurse at my family doctor's office showed me what "subcutaneously" is—I'm still not sure I'm getting it right. I do pinch the chubb and then insert the needle, but how will I know I'm not missing an organ (thanks .H for putting that into my mind).

But, on the whole, I like the needle far better than taking a pile of pills that make me throw up. BUT, again, I might be too happy, too soon, because I might end up being dead sick again when the actual side effects kick in. Fingers crossed it doesn't turn out that way.

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