Friday, May 05, 2006

On With The Show

After a whirlwind week of work conferences, my head is spinning and I'm totally exhausted. I know, stop me when you've heard something new.

Annnywaay. If you're out and about in the city tonight, come and see my RRHB play at the Rivoli.

I'll be surprised if I'm still alive after this weekend: last night, work cocktail party (details TK), tonight, RRHB show, tomorrow night, birthday dinner then RRHB's show, Sunday afternoon, my cousin's baby shower (whee!).

Yes, I've had a nap. Yes, I'm resting until I have to go out (around 10 PM), but goodness, I was so antisocial and kind of lonely when he was away on tour, now that he's home, it's a feast or famine situation. I've got social situations coming out the wazoo.

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