Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Day After The Day After Tomorrow

You know, when everyone has flocked down to Mexico because the big giant wave that first sank New York City, then froze, and then got really, really cold? And then Dennis Quaid had to come rescue me and then we got all busy in the back of the dog sled...oh wait, that's not what happened.

Annnnywaaay, I'm guessing that a lot of people are going to be a lot happier now that it's legal to hang on to some, ahem, substances, for personal use.

Now, dope I can sort of get, but heroin and coke? I can see that it would make William S. Burroughs happy (if he were still alive), but aren't they dangerous drugs to be legalizing? But hell, what do I know? I've never done either and ever since I smoked so much dope that I barfed for two days, I haven't had any of that either.

I am interested in what happens though: will crime rates go down, will tourism take a hit, will it actually encourages people with problems to be safe and maybe get the help they need? But I'd also be curious to see what kind of lobbying took place for it to happen at all. And more interestingly, what George W. has to say about it, because you know once Bushy has spoken, ole Harpy won't be far behind.

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