Sunday, May 07, 2006

Enter the Sandman

My history with sleep inducing medication is long and well documented. At another time, I'll dive into the really bad story, but I'd like to give you a few parting shots of wisdom:

Let's call this my Things Not To Do In The Hour Before The Medication Kicks In List...

1. Attempt to paint your toenails. Not only will you glob the polish on like your nails have the surface of the moon, but you will paint every single toe—notice how I said 'toe' and not 'toenail.' A-hem. In fact, you might even paint some foot, ankle and skin.

2. Don't watch Grey's Anatomy. That show's a suckerpunch anyway. And when you're slightly drowsy and relaxed, it'll turn you into a blubbering idiot who is crying so hard she can barely hold down the sobs.

3. Don't make any lists about things to do because they will inevitably involve tasks like: must hunt down old BF Chris P. Rice or Robin Linley, if only to add to the absolutely inevitable fact that they'll be the two people I run into next in the long line of people I've been running into lately.

4. Lastly, you probably shouldn't blog. First rule of blogging: don't talk about work. Second rule of blogging: don't talk about work. Third rule of blogging: especially don't talk about work after you've taken your meds and probably won't even remember this post in the morning.

5. Now, I'm off to sleep. It will be peaceful. It will be restful. It will be non-stressful and give me the much needed energy to get up and go after my incredibly busy weekend.

Can you believe I had time to read only 1 book? The horror!

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