Monday, May 22, 2006

University Ephmera

And speaking of baseball, when I was going through some of my boxes the other week, I found this Bo Jackson rookie card that Blair Macdonald had given me at Queen's. He was a friend of a friend, a very nice fellow, who gave me the card when he found out about my hip. Apparently, Bo Jackson has also had his hip replaced. I've got it on my desk now, an ever-decreasing amount of space left for real notebooks as I pile the stuff on to help keep me inspired. According to the card, Jackson won the 1984 Heisman Trophy. And I think, if I remember correctly, I spent a drunken night making out with him, but that part's a bit fuzzy.

And I wonder what ever happened to Blair Macdonald (and even if that's how he spelled his name). But chances are I'll probably run into him over the next few months as the university session of the "remember whens" will inevitably start up...

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