Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Good Neighbours?

So, a funny story.

My RRHB called me at work on Monday and said, "Did you notice that the stuff next to the garage has been cleared away?"

I thought about it for a minute. In fact, I had sort of noticed, but more that it smelled like sh*t than it had been all cleared up.

Take a moment to note that our backyard is a mess. It's two concrete tubs full of dirt that generally holds all of the garbage and debris from whatever the RRHB has demolished in the house until he gets a bin. Right now, it's holding an old van door of my brother's and an awning, along with broken bits of wall, floor and other stuff. It's a white trash dream yard. Britney would be right at home.

He continues, "The neighbour has planted lettuce." Pause. "At least it looks like lettuce. I can't tell."

Yes, our next door neighbour has taken it upon himself to greenify our backyard. This is in addition to pruning our grape vine that grows and planting bulbs in the front of our house. There are now tiny sprouts of lettuce growing where the cats have crapped and the mice have lived all winter long (he cleared away all of the crap we had piled there).

Do you think he's trying to tell us something? And more importantly, does he think I'll actually eat the lettuce? Getting over the fact that it grew outside where my cat, ahem, plays might be a bit too hard for old obsessive-compulsive Ragdoll.

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