Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Want To Fight On TV

We got a Faux-Tivo, forever known as our Faux-Vo, from Rogers about two weeks ago. It's a little revolution in a box. And there's no going back now. We had to agree to the damn thing for two years just to bring the price down to something remotely reasonable.

So in my absolute fit of Faux-Vo-ing everything, I've been watching Related, a cheese-ass WB drama about four sisters living in Manhattan. You may have read Scarbie talking about the same show. As it's a show my RRHB would never, ever in a million years let me watch while he was in the country let alone in the house, Faux-Vo and sick leave make for perfect Related bed partners.

I have just one question: why is it that a fight about cheating (one sister kissed an old boyfriend before leaving and confessing everything to her new boyfriend, who (BTW) only became her lover after they both cheated on their boss) can take a nano-second to complete? The entire fight, from beginning to end, took about two minutes. That's fighting, pouting and making up all in a flash of one hundred and twenty seconds. It's a bloody record.

Annnnywaaay. If that same fight happened in my house, and mind you, it hasn't, no illicit kissing, but a lot of other stupid fights, it would go ten rounds starting at midnight, last well into the next day and then charge again just when the dust settled. Ah, the magic and power of television, er, or the WB.

Oh, and can you tell I'm addicted to the Faux-Vo already?

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