Friday, March 31, 2006

Things To Do Update III

Things are humming along with one week left in my exile on illness street. A couple of tasks I've accomplished and crossed off the list in the past few days:

5. Get groomed - essentially get my hair done. I haven't had it cut or coloured since before the non-wedding. I've also made an appointment to tame my ridiculously overgrown eyebrows. They're frightening these days.
I got my hair cut yesterday and because I'm afraid of the fact that it's all going to fall out again (as it does with every new medication), I got it cut really short. However, I did step out of my comfort zone and dye it very dark brown with slightly reddish highlights. It's very dramatic and I'm not sure if that was the right decision but hey, it's only hair dye. If I hate it next week, I'll dye it back.

14. Finish uploading my music library back on to iTunes. Download the rest of the suggestions that friends have sent. And if you have any idea of songs I might like to write to, please send them along, I'm currently taking requests...
Done and done! It took forever, but my iTunes is now 1477 songs richer, bring on the party shuffle!

1 comment:

Zesty said...

OMG! I can't wait to see your hair! As for writing songs, I would suggest anything by Nick Drake, particularly Northern Sky and Way to Blue.