Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Movie A Day - Derailed (#1)

This "thriller" starring Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen was so pat and predictable that I kept waiting for the obvious twist to appear so that I could feel all smarty-pants that I had it all figured out all along. Sigh. And lordy, the puns, you could have some good fun with the title, Derailed, how fitting!

The acting was good; the movie, not so much. Am I wrong to like Jennifer Aniston though? I know she's trying desperately to act her way out of being "Rachel" for the rest of her life, but I just wish she'd pick slightly better movies.

That said, I did watch it to the end, and not just because it had a character in it with my name (and she was Clive Owen's wife, lucky her!), but maybe simply just to avoid having to watch an entire episode of American Idol in real time.

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