Saturday, March 11, 2006

Self-Indulgence: The Editor's Bag

Now, I'm not an editor, but I do work at a publishing company. Does that make this purchase any less self-indulgent? Perhaps not, but I bought the damn bag anyway.

I consider it the evolution of Ragdoll. Up until now, I'd been using knapsack for just about everything: purse, carry-on, carry all. And with my impending "scary" birthday, I thought that maybe it was time to grow up and buy a serious bag. It was way, way too much money though, and I'm suffering a bit with the guilt. Oh, but only until I look at my gorgeous bag and then all the bad feelings just sort of go away.


Zesty said...

Dude! So weird. I put an SELF INDULGENCE ALERT in my blog and then I see the title of this! Heh!

You deserve something new!

Beaches said...

Dude - screw the guilt. This bag is beautiful and it's going to last you forever. I have a Roots bag that I bought years ago for way too much money as well. Buyers remorse was gone in a few days and the bag remains my very favourite. I don't regret a cent, in fact, knowing how much I love it today, would have paid even more if I had to.

Good purchase - you deserve it!