Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thy Noble Cause

You know, I find this commitment completely and totally noble in this day and age, and would like to imagine myself trying something like it. But I think I'd get as far as my next 'mall' day and completely give up. But maybe there's a 'Compact Compromise Lite' I could take?

Because really what happens when you've got a bunch of holes in your socks and underwear, lose your favourite toque, get sick to death of scouring Kensington Market for just about everything and piss off all your friends because you're too cheap to shell out for something that you need?

But then again, it's only for a year.

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Beaches said...

I read an article in People magazine (YES I read it every week, YES I have a subscription, NO I'm not embarrassed to admit it) about a woman in NYC who did this for one full year.

I thought It was awesome, but noted that she already had a kind of hippy-vibe going on. Also, she refrained from buying ANYTHING pre-made, including chocolate bars. She made everything from scratch ingredience. And didn't eat out in restaurants.

Oh man. I'm just not that strong! And I'd starve to death.

Totally cool concept though and I really think that it would be liberating to accomplish something like that.