Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Super-Fancy Disease Doctor Redux III

Well, I'm the same. Isn't that a treat? But it's good actually, still very anemic, still don't know for sure if it's disease or meds, still off work (until April 10th) and still so tired I'm actually looking forward to the rest. But at least I'm not worse, my kidneys are in good shape, my lungs are super clear and once the anemia goes away, I'll have energy too.

I go back and see him in 10 days and that's when he'll start me on the new disease drugs. At least there's an end in sight to all the crazy medical drama. At least I have to hope there is...in the mean time, I think I'll continue my 'old man' exercise program and hit up the mall.

Hey, I might be chubby and puffy, but at least I'll have some new spring clothes for when I go back to work.

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