Saturday, March 25, 2006

Movie A Day - Dot The "I" (#4)

I Faux-Voed Dot The "I" from TMN the other night because it stars Gael García Bernal, and damn, I'd watch him in just about everything. When I looked at it on the IPG, it screamed "ADULT FILM" in brackets, so I felt a bit dirty putting quasi-porn on the fancy new TV machine. Well, only for a second, because he's so hot...oh, wait, what was I stalking about?

Annnywaaay, it's a little indie movie about this crazy, self-obessed filmmaker who shoots a reality movie wherein one of the main characters (Carmen, played by Natalia Verbeke) doesn't know she's involved. There's a boring, predictable love triangle, and a boring, predictable outcome. It's kind of a silly movie, but I sort of liked the statement that it made in terms of examining how reality television has impacted popular culture. It's just too bad there wasn't really anything fresh or new in the film.

And the supposedly "ADULT FILM" aspect? Oh, so tame, I'm guessing that no one over at the TMN rating committee has even seen Y tu mamá también. Now there's a film worth have something in block caps on the IPG. Ahem. Is it hot in here?

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