Saturday, March 25, 2006

Things To Do: Update

As my life is the list and the list is my life these days, here's where I stand:

5. Get groomed - essentially get my hair done. I haven't had it cut or coloured since before the non-wedding. I've also made an appointment to tame my ridiculously overgrown eyebrows. They're frightening these days.

So, I've got a hair appointment for next Thursday and on Wednesday I'm getting my weedy eyebrows done. I'm spreading out the love. Grooming is relaxing, right?

10. Clean out the fridge (completely, that means, like washing everything).

Done and done. The fridge is bea-u-ti-ful. The scariest thing I found? A bottle of ranch dressing from when my brothers were staying with us. It expired last June. You know those are the things in the fridge you just never get around to throwing out, yeah, well, they're all gone. I even put everything back in its proper place, dairy with dairy, fake meat products with fake meat products, fruits and veggies in their proper bins. It's a sight to behold. Now the fridge is prepared for my mammoth meal plan undertaking; and I'm starting that today.

1 comment:

Beaches said...

How sick is it that I actually giggled with delight at the vision of your sparkly clean fridge?

I have so many issues.